The most significant innovation in Point-of-Sale since the invention of the computer:

The iPad and Cloud Computing have truly revolutionized Point-of-Sale and business technology


Tableside ordering is probably the most amazing result of these innovations.  Your servers can place orders to the kitchen and the bar while still standing at the table.  By the time they reach the kitchen, the appetizers are ready and the drinks are waiting on a tray to be delivered, cutting the time it takes to get food to your customer and significantly improving order accuracy. 

Secure Checkout:  Credit Card security is a big deal these days.  Customers are becoming more wary of allowing a server to take their card away.  With table side checkout, the card never leaves your customer.  Their card is swiped right in front of them and they enter a tip and sign right on the iPad or iPod.  Additionally, our processing is encrypted right at the card reader guaranteeing that their payment is handled using the most secure process available. 

Wireless by Design:  Regardless of the layout or age of your building, we can deploy terminals, server stations, printers and touch screens wherever they improve efficiency.  

Fewer Service calls:  Unlike old computer based systems, iPads have no moving parts, no anti-virus software subscriptions, and free updates forever.

The Convenience of the Cloud:  Since our systems automatically sync with the cloud within seconds, you have complete control of everything from anywhere.  Change your menu or prices at home, view your inventory from your smart phone while at the market, update your employee schedule while on vacation.  You can even see an amazing array of detailed reports updated instantly as sales happen.  Never again will you wonder... "how'd we do so far today?".

Simple Simple Simple:  one of the greatest features of our iPad and Cloud based systems is just how ridiculously easy they are to use.  Most of your staff will require little or no training to begin taking orders with ease.

Highly Sophisticated and Customizable:  Not to be confused with an "App" that you just download, our systems are highly sophisticated, customizable and have the capabilities necessary for large restaurants, night clubs, breweries, and resorts.  In fact, the larger the venue the better our solution is for you.