Today, technology is actually becoming more complex than ever before.  Even an average size restaurant needs multiple software solutions to be competitive and improve their chances of being profitable.


We make it fun and easy to give your business that trendy technological edge


We start with a robust WiFi network and a sophisticated modern wireless point-of-sale system, then we add any features that you need or want like digital signage or a great looking web site with social media presence.  It's a turn key solution including complete custom design, installation, configuration, staff training and support.

We take care of all your technology needs:


  • brilliant turn key Point-of-Sale Systems for restaurants, retail, salons and hospitality
  • cutting edge and affordable Payment Processing (including Apple Pay® and PayPal®)
  • rock solid wireless networking and IT Support
  • beautiful and trendy Web Design including the photography to make it look great
  • easy to use Digital Signage to give your business that upscale look
  • mobile On-Line Ordering and e-commerce
  • on-line Reservation Management and appointment reminders via text or email
  • social network presence and web based Advertising
  • Back Office support, bookkeeping, inventory control and employee management tools
  • high quality background Music and Paging Systems
  • mobile Google Maps Locator with support for iPhone, Android and Windows Mobile
  • Inventory Management that you can check from your iPad while you're at the store
  • and so much more


we make everything work together seamlessly and efficiently

It's all user friendly right from your mobile phone, tablet or PC.  Add items to your menu from the airport, check inventory from your home computer, view your daily sales while taking a walk, or change the TV video feed from the point-of-sale screen.  It's ALL integrated and mobile!

We simplify the way cool technology works for your business.

You have a business to run, let us handle the techy side of it for you!